Every company that has a software development department has a constant challenge of maintaining integrity and security of their internal systems.  Some companies are even mandated by law to report and show evidence that their development processes are followed and changes to their internal systems as well as their external access points are approved and legitimate.
     For most companies this is not an easy task, its takes much supervision and excellent software planning practices.
     Wolf Technologies Consulting & Sales can help your staff plan, organize, and implement a Change Management plan that fits your needs or meets the requirements place on your company.
     We understand that this specialized engineering is not an over night action, and can takes months to integrate into your already existing development process, but through dedication and commitment, your company can meet its goals of a stable and reliable change management process.  Through guidance and coaching, your staff can reach a level of the capability maturity model that your internal or external auditors will be completely satisfied with.

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Change Management Services

  • Source versioning systems
  • Change notification systems
  • Configuration management
  • Software deployment solutions
  • CMM solution consulting
  • Software requirements control