Wolf Technologies Consulting & Sales offers enterprise system engineering for a multitude of corporate enterprise solution packages.  Our main selection of supported systems is listed to the right, although  WTCS has a great wealth of knowledge on many corporate solution packages. 

    We understand that packages delivered by vendors, do not always completely meet the requirements of our clients and our clients count on us to fill in the gaps and assist with integrating these systems into their environment.  So no matter what solution your company has ventured to bring into its environment, you can get the added support from WTCS.

    Call us with your vended solution problems and we will get you up and running so your company can reap the benefits of your vended solution.
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Enterprise System Engineering

  • BEA Weblogic
  • CA Autosys
  • IIS
  • .Net Framework
  • Merant PVCS Professional
  • Tripwire IDS
  • Heat Call Tracking
  • MS  LDAP, Directory Service
  • Borland CaliberRM and RMPro