Wolf Technologies Consulting & Sales understands that vended software packages do not always meet the needs of small businesses or large company enterprises.  This is when a business needs to call on custom development to meet the needs of their users.
     WTCS can customize any software solution with the latest technologies.  Some of our language skills and services are listed to the right.
     We specialize in thin client web based solutions to minimize the impact and resource use of the desktop computers, although we can develop any solution that fits your needs.
     WTCS is a leader in custom application design.  We have designed custom applications for some of the largest companies to the smallest home businesses.  These applications include manufacturing process control, security administration, change authorization, automation control, purchase order system, CRM solutions and other ebusiness - ecommerce application design.    Whether your business is not large enough to support its own development team or you just need some extra talent to augment your current development staff, WTCS can help you fill the need.

WTCS Contact Information

Software Design Services

  • Web site design and support
  • Enterprise development solutions
  • Custom application design
  • Application support & redesign
  • Application automation design

Primary Language Skills

  • Visual Basic, COM, DCOM
  • .NET, C#, VB, ASP
  • Java, EJB, J2EE
  • C++, Mysql, MSsql, Oracle
  • Perl, CSH, KSH, SH, PHP