Do you have a virus on your system, or do you know if someone has compromised your systems security?  Most end-users don't even realize they have a virus or a Trojan application, until it is too late and their system has a catastrophic failure, or they offend an important client by spreading the virus to them.   Many end-users assume they are safe because they have virus-scanning software; this is not the case, many viruses and Trojan software can elude conventional scanning software and even disable the virus software without the user's knowledge.
     We are experts in the area of intrusion detection and virus detection.  We can give your system a complete check-up for undetected viruses and software designed to compromise your systems security and eliminate them from your system.
     We are certified in Intrusion Detection Software and can secure your small business systems and or company wide systems, alerting you when someone or some piece of software has attempted to infiltrate your systems.
     Don't let an embarrassing moment, like sending a virus to your best customers happen to your business.  Call us today for a thorough security inspection of your systems, and to learn how to secure your system better, to prevent future attacks.
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Security Services Offered

  • Security inspection
  • Undetected virus inspection
  • IDS Intrusion Detection Systems (Tripwire)
  • LDAP security installation
  • Custom security software
  • Virus cleaning and removal
  • Complete security analysis