Wolf Technologies Consulting & Sales takes pride in quality system support for end-users and corporate wide systems.  We offer total system support from hardware repair to software support and training.  The service that makes us unique from our competitors, is our system cleaning service.  With every hardware repair, your system receives a quality professional 10-point system cleaning treatment.  This treatment is also available as a preventative measure to avoid costly repairs or voided warranties because of poorly maintained systems.

We offer all types of software support to every end-user and company, from software installation to advanced software engineering.  We can assist clients in configuration, installation, and trouble-shooting of software products, adapting the package to the customer's needs.

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System Cleaning Service

  • External chassis cleaning
  • Static prevention treatment
  • Floppy read/write head cleaning
  • Optical cleansing (CD-ROM)
  • Keyboard debris vacuum
  • Pointer device cleaning (Mouse)
  • Circuit board cleaning
  • Internal chassis vacuum
  • Power supply inspection
  • Fan and power supply cleaning